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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events do you specialize in?

Our specialty is wedding receptions.  We had been the master of ceremonies and disc jockey for hundreds of wedding receptions in the past 29
years in California.  We also have significant experience with anniversary parties, school dances, corporate events, promotions, and parties.

What kind of music do you play?

We play a wide variety of music that includes virtually everything.  Our job is to play the music you want to hear, the music your guests want to hear,
and the selections that will keep people dancing.  This is your wedding reception, so you will have as much control of the playlist as you would like.

Do you also help plan the order of events?

Definitely!  Typically you will work out the order of events myself or your wedding/planning coordinator.  During your reception, I will coordinate with
the other wedding services as well as make announcements so all your guest will know what is happening.

Do you act as the "MC" master of ceremonies and make all of the announcements?
We will be your master of ceremonies for your wedding reception. We will coordinate when you want all your announcements prior to your big day.
This is one of the main responsibilities we will take to make sure your day runs smoothly.

Can you be involved in choosing the music for your event?

It is extremely important for the bride and groom to be involved in the choosing of the music for their reception. This is why we provide the reception
planner for you to fill out. We also would like to have a list of your favorite 25 dance songs. This is how we know what music you desire for your
wedding reception.

Will you take requests from our guests?

We will take requests from your guests at the wedding unless their requests are for music not approved by the bride and groom.

Is everything included with the price you quote?

Your price quote includes the disc jockey for time specified, set up and take down of equipment, music, and announcements. It does not include
extra time or lighting.

Do you have professional grade equipment?

We have top of the line professional grade concert series speakers, state of the art mixers, laptops with music, and backup systems.

Do you provide a light show?

We have lights available for your reception.

Do you have a contract?

We do have a contract that is in easy to read language. It helps to protect you by guaranteeing we will be at your event and it also protects us.

What's the next step?

Call us to either book the day or we can meet for a free consultation, so you're able to meet me in person before making your final decision.

How long has Music Express Djs been in business?

Music Express has been in business since 1982. We have nearly 30 years of experience as disc jockeys performing at Weddings.

Do we have back up equipment?

We carry back up equipment with us; we have our system at the event ready to go. We have backup  built into our sound systems. We also have
multiple electronic or CD copies of music with us at your event. We have you covered so there is nothing to worry about.

Are we required to feed you?

This is your choice completely. You are not required to feed us and we do not expect it. However if you would like to include us in the meal count
please let us know. Most of  the time we do not have time to eat, but we do appreciate your thoughtfulness and are thankful.

Are we Insured?
We are a fully insured entertainment business. We carry a general liability insurance policy to protect our customers and ourselves as well.
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Music Express wedding djs frequently asked questions