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Here is some great wedding advice
regarding invitations! Enjoy!

Your fiancé finally popped the question and you said yes! So now you are planning
your wedding and it is time to let everyone now about your wedding!

This is going to be exciting having your family, best friend, and all your other friends
and guest there to celebrate with you. This will make the day so much more important
and meaningful to you. Now it is time to get excited about the process of picking out
your invitations and mailing them out!

You can make them look as good as you possibly can; keep it simple and elegant!
Make sure that you don't overdo it on your budget. There are so many options today
for your invitations. You could even made a DVD or CD invitation and mail it out!

Traditional invitations will always be in style and preferred of course. It is something
that people can touch and hang onto forever! An invite is your own personal
ambassador sent from you to your closest friends to be kept out to make sure the date
and time are set aside for you and your celebration!

You could even hire a calligrapher to help you get the invitations out in style. Make
sure you give them a typed list so there are not any embarrassing spelling mistakes.
Even so accidents happen so just in case make sure you have a few extra invitations.

In regards to the address list, make sure to hang on to it. You can use it later for your
thank you notes and for your Holiday card list. You know a great tool we recommend it
is a website called seating arrangement. It allows you to track RSVP's and access
your address list from any computer.

If you are looking to save some money and who doesn't need to save a little. Instead
of using pricey engraving try considering thermography which is half the cost and
nearly identical.

When your invitations are done the next step is to take one to the post office and find
out exactly with postage will be to mail it, and don't forget to include return postage for
the response card!

Now all that work is done and that special moment comes when you send the
invitations out. We recommend doing this about eight weeks before the wedding date,
and it's one of those moments you can have a great time with because when you
drop them in the mail you can look at each other and say wow! This is really
happening! Have a great time!